24 Jul

Divas Sanctuary Lounge Presents:

Calling All Poets,Singers,Comedians,Any talents! If you feel your the best,come compete to win 2k in Lindens..500L Giftcard to a hot store..and centerfold spread in DOPE Magazine…

When: Tuesday July 26th,2011
Time: 8pmslt
Where: Divas Sanctuary Lounge



Events for the Month of July

4 Jul

This July Is Going To Be a Very Hot One!…We are having Huge Events…and Open Mic For Everyone To Look Out For…

—-Daily Open Mic Events—-
Starts For 8pmslt Daily
Days This Month
July 6th,2011-Wednesday
July 12th,2011-Tuesday
July 19th,2011-Tuesday
July 26th,2011-Tuesday

—-Erotic Night is Back!—-
Starts for 9pmslt
July 9th,2011[Saturday]
July 31st,2011[Saturday]

—-Poetic Verse Workshop—-
Starting July 13th

—-Sunday Brunch—-
Every Sunday Starting for 10AM

—-Daily Lunch Hour Break—-
Every Thursday For 11AM

More Events will be stay tuned!

Poetic Verse: A Workshop for Poetic Lovers

4 Jul

VERSE is any expression in words which conforms to accepted metrical rules and structure. It seems as though in that definition poetry can be studied and learned. As if it can follow a uniformed pattern and perhaps a syllabus.

However time progressed and so has life and expressionism of art did the very same. Poetry became an art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts moved by both spirit and feeling. POETRY IS lofty thought or impassioned feeling expressed in imaginative words inspired by any and all things, external and internal.
First you had verse, which grew into Elizabethan poetry where men wrote sonnets to express the scent of a woman’s gloved hand. You have limericks that are bawdy and go well with a tankard of ale and tell fanciful stories. There are odysseys written, and epics told and with a cup of Bacchus the griots gave history lessons of old. Face it poetry as verse with its structured pentameter, beat or prose freeform with musical accompaniment on stage with a bass is still the telling of a story in an artistic mien.

With this workshop hopefully it will be a stepping stone to writing down inspirational thoughts, the pictures imagined in your head, the feelings in your heart, the stories soaring through your soul, the message caught in your throat, a process that no one here will have to go through alone.

Written By: Jael Constantine

Starting July 13th,We are going to starting having these workshops to help fellow People who love poetry,but can’t quite come up with the words to develop a great poem..

To Sign Up For this Workshop Contact Tray Ferrentino or Jael Constantine For More Infomation!

Divas Sanctuary Lounge “Black Music Month” Celebration

23 Jun

Divas Sanctuary Lounge Presents:

Join Us as we give our fellow patrons of Divas Sanctuary Lounge a taste of R&B music..We will have special singers,and poets peforming and showing us what Black Music Month is All About….

When: Wednesday June 22,2011
Where: Divas Sanctuary Lounge
Starting for 8pmslt
See Ya’ll There!!!!!!!!

Wow if you miss this event,you miss a good one! It was such an amazing show,can’t wait for next year to have another one.
We started first with information about black Music Month..With a Timeline of Events. I, Tray Ferrentino[Lady T], Educated Our Fellow Guest With Tons of important information about Black Music Month,they learn more and was shock with all the info they didn’t know about.

We Started of with Ms.Lolo Upsilon Blessed Up with a Selection From the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin! The Crowd Really Enjoyed it,and she got tips on top of tips and standing ovation!

Then I Blessed the crowd with one of my many pieces,but this one was recently new..its called “Music,Soul & HipHop”, it was a very short piece but explain my love for those kinds of music..below is a preview of it

Music,Soul & Hip Hop
By: Lady T
A foundation,

a way of life

its the creation

created by years of strife

Motivating force

for things throughout history

it has lost to the worst

but rose again, Victory-

written in every word on all our lyric sheets

be proud of what WE made be proud of who we be.

Black people, belittled yet we don’t stop

To live and grow through music, soul, and Hip Hop.

After i read that piece and a few more facts on music month, our singer, Ms.Inifiniti Cummings Blessed us with a few selections,she was amazing as usual,and i was happy to have her here at the celebration.

After that i read my other poem of the night title “For the Love of Music”,i think this was the crowds favorite,and i also got a lot of love for it!

Our Last Singer Was my very own Diva Sister Ms. Sherri Avelino. She was very shy,but that didn’t stop her from rocking the crowd…she did an amazing job and i was happy to have her here at the celebration,and can’t wait to have her back doing her thing.

I did my last poem of the night “The Rhythm” and they also enjoy that piece as well. It explains my feeling and emotion towards music.All three of our singers was taking turns blessing our amazing crowd,and it turned into a mini was an amazing event..and I think everybody for coming…and the amazing singer for making it a huge success. Join Us Next year..same time,same place!

Now Hiring/Upcoming Events For Divas Sanctuary Lounge

8 Jun

Divas Sanctuary Lounge have been on break because of the rl status of the CEO,but we are back and will be having events as much as we can

We are now hiring at the moment for the following:

> At least 30 days in SL (basic SL skills)
> Speaking english at an acceptable level
> Outgoing/Enthusiastic
> Working microphone
> Must commit to at least 2 shift per week

We pay our hosts 400L per event plus 100% tips they make..Poets get 100% Tips for any event they peform at. Djs get paid 1k and Up for any Event they are book for plus 100% Tips.

Our Bartenders/Greeters get paid 150L a hour and 100% Tips!

– Hosts/Hostess will get a training given by experienced trainers.
– Hosts/Hostess organize themed events at the club.
– Hosts/Hostess post their events in search, send notices, hand out VIP tags and greet people.

If you want to apply for any of those positions,come to below location to fill out an application,or email the owner[] for more information.

Upcoming Events

We will be having Open Mic once a week…pls stay tuned to inworld notice will be daily..Also every Sunday Starting June 19th We will resume our Daily Sunday Brunch!

June 16th
Black Music Month Celebration
This Month is Black Music i will get talented singers and poets to showcase a great collection of work with a tribute to music, we also will be accepting donation for VH1’s Charity “Save the Music”

April Info/Schedule

6 Apr

April is a very special month in the poetry world,it’s National Poetry Month for all those poetry lovers!..With So many poetry venues on second life,there will be many special events for you guys to attend…

DOPE Magazine Will be having a very special edition issue all on Poetry That will be release April 18th-20th..With SL’s Famous Writer Rayn Woodrunner on the cover..and SL’s most talented poets with they very own piece published in,this issue will be a must if you like to get your own copy,or even Advertise your business,or even put your own poetry in it,pls contact Me[Tray Ferrentino] inworld for info…

Open Mic Will be different Times/date every pls stay tune each month as well give you guys random dates on OPEN MIC…below is this month’s Weekly Schedule for Open Mic

Tuesday April 12th-7pmslt
Sunday April 17th-4pmslt
Tuesday April 19th-7pmslt
Friday April 22-7pmslt
Tuesday April 26th-7pmst

We are also hiring at the moment…pls contact Rita Hazelnut or Tray Ferrentino for Info…

Congrats To Ngozi Nyoki! Poetry Slam 2011 Winner!!

13 Mar

What an amazing night!..i am so thankful with the outcome with this 1st Annual poetry SLam,and can’t wait for next year’s ones! The Hosts for this wonderful event was “Jael Constantine” & “Roca Velinov”,and you would have thought we was at the BET awards,because both of these females did their thing!  Ms. Jael change her outfit twice,and looked so lovely.. The SLam judges were: ‘”Tray Ferrentino[lady T], “Lyric Core”, and “Rita Hazelnut”…

The evening started with just three contestants,but we as people started to arrive,we sign up 2 more contestants.
This list went as:
1.Ngozi Nyoki
2.Kratos Clowes
3.Quality Rembrandt
4.China Faith

Our First SLam Contestant Ngozi Nyoki was amazing and everyone was blown away

Kratos Clowes was next,and OH MY!..did the ladies love him!..Our Host for the night “Jael Constantine”  got chills just by his accent and tone of his sweet sounding vocals as he spit his very lovely piece called “SLAM”..

Quality Rembrandt was up next,and it was her first time being in a huge poetry contest on SL, but it didn’t seem like it. She did such an amazing job,and the crowd love hearing her very soft sensual voice.

Lyricist Lounge’s Owner Ms.China Faith finally made her presence on the stage with her most famous piece on SL called ” Social Networking” that explains  the ins and outs of how people use social netwoking in our everyday life.

Our Last Contestants “Walle” Came and recite his very lovely piece,but i crashed and was unable to hear him,but i heard great comments on him….

The sLam judges got together to deliberate on the five contestants,and picked the top three to go into the last rounds for the contest..and the final list was 1.Ngozi Nyoki 2.China Faith 3.Walle.

As the final three contestants prepare for the last rounds,we had some guests who got up on stage and performed a piece or two…We was blessed to hear Mr.Ausar Clarity,what a powerful piece he did…

Our Judges also graced the stage and did a few pieces. Ms. Rita Hazelnut did her most famous poem called “Define Me”, and what a piece it was, she got a standing ovation from our guest. Me[lady t] did a new piece of mines called “stranger in my bed”,and i was nervous to performed it,but everyone said i did a great job and they enjoyed it!

The Crowd Was really enjoying Themselves at our poetry SLam and we enjoyed our selves as well,so many talented poets all in one place…We heard from all different categories of poetry,and we also learned about different stuff and enjoyed it all.

As the night went on and the Final Three took the stage,we finally came up with a winner! It was very tough,but we named someone Poetry Slam 2011 Winner 2011 and became 10,000L richer..and that person was “Ngozi Nyoki” was very hard, Ms. China Faith was the runner up,and was very talented and great as well. So i want send congrats to both of those young ladies.

Ms. Ngozi Nyoki got on stage for one final performance of her wonderful pieces…so congrats to our POETRY SLAM 2011 GRANDPRIZE WINNER!!