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24 Jul

Divas Sanctuary Lounge Presents:

Calling All Poets,Singers,Comedians,Any talents! If you feel your the best,come compete to win 2k in Lindens..500L Giftcard to a hot store..and centerfold spread in DOPE Magazine…

When: Tuesday July 26th,2011
Time: 8pmslt
Where: Divas Sanctuary Lounge



Events for the Month of July

4 Jul

This July Is Going To Be a Very Hot One!…We are having Huge Events…and Open Mic For Everyone To Look Out For…

—-Daily Open Mic Events—-
Starts For 8pmslt Daily
Days This Month
July 6th,2011-Wednesday
July 12th,2011-Tuesday
July 19th,2011-Tuesday
July 26th,2011-Tuesday

—-Erotic Night is Back!—-
Starts for 9pmslt
July 9th,2011[Saturday]
July 31st,2011[Saturday]

—-Poetic Verse Workshop—-
Starting July 13th

—-Sunday Brunch—-
Every Sunday Starting for 10AM

—-Daily Lunch Hour Break—-
Every Thursday For 11AM

More Events will be stay tuned!

Poetic Verse: A Workshop for Poetic Lovers

4 Jul

VERSE is any expression in words which conforms to accepted metrical rules and structure. It seems as though in that definition poetry can be studied and learned. As if it can follow a uniformed pattern and perhaps a syllabus.

However time progressed and so has life and expressionism of art did the very same. Poetry became an art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts moved by both spirit and feeling. POETRY IS lofty thought or impassioned feeling expressed in imaginative words inspired by any and all things, external and internal.
First you had verse, which grew into Elizabethan poetry where men wrote sonnets to express the scent of a woman’s gloved hand. You have limericks that are bawdy and go well with a tankard of ale and tell fanciful stories. There are odysseys written, and epics told and with a cup of Bacchus the griots gave history lessons of old. Face it poetry as verse with its structured pentameter, beat or prose freeform with musical accompaniment on stage with a bass is still the telling of a story in an artistic mien.

With this workshop hopefully it will be a stepping stone to writing down inspirational thoughts, the pictures imagined in your head, the feelings in your heart, the stories soaring through your soul, the message caught in your throat, a process that no one here will have to go through alone.

Written By: Jael Constantine

Starting July 13th,We are going to starting having these workshops to help fellow People who love poetry,but can’t quite come up with the words to develop a great poem..

To Sign Up For this Workshop Contact Tray Ferrentino or Jael Constantine For More Infomation!