4 Mar

What An Amazing Second Annual Poetry SLam the second time around. I’m so proud of this amazing night,and happy for the outcome. We started off the night with our amazing host..WHATS Radio’s Own Schmoke Seelowe. He entertain the crowd,and made sure everyone was having a great time!

The SLam Judges For This Event Were: Tray Ferrentino (Owner of Divas Sanctuary Lounge), Rita Hazelnut, Lyric Core (Owner of 3rd Open Mic Lounge),& Fiasca Blaukempt. The Rules Went As Followed: * One piece per contestant per round
* Work must be ORIGINAL.
* Work must be delivered in 3 minutes or less.
* Time starts when performer gets on the mic.
*  MC will call time after 3 minutes and introduce next participant.
* No singing although singing within a work is accepted or music behind a work (played low).

We had 5 SLam Contestants This Year,and all of them were very amazing,and very talented,and very Known in the second life urban community & They Were:1.Dolla Dinzeo
2. Truth Rhapsody
3. Serenity Jigsaw
4. Shaun Jharls
5. Lavene Juliesse

First Up Was Mr. Truth Rhapsody,and he really set the flow of the crowd to a smooth mellow mood,i think the ladies was loving his smooth tone of his voice,and loving the soft ballad music that set his piece on fire!

Our Second Poet to grace the stage was Ms. Serenity Jigsaw,and what amazing piece she spoke. We was in love with her flow,words,and her tone of her voice. We enjoy the important words she spoke,and was happy to have her here!

After That Mr Dolla Dinzeo Grace The SLam Stage and recite a very amazing piece,and who known what a great poet he was,he really hype the crowd,and everyone snapped until their fingers were sore. It was nice to hear such amazing male poet as amazing as him.

Next To Grace The Stage Was Mr Shaun Jharls,and i don”t think the guests were ready for such a powerful poet such as himself. He was very amazing,i was standing up in real life enjoying every word,loving the flow,and what amazing delivery he gave,the judges was in awe…and he really entertained us.

Our Next Poet and Last One For Round 1 To Grace The Stage Was What’s Radio Co-CEO Lavene Juliesse,and i don’t think anyone was expecting her to get on stage and recite her new piece titled “My Inner Ho”,which shock a lot of people,even the judges. Wow it was very intense,but show a different side of her,and a side a lot of people can agree with and respect.It was time for the judges to pick our Top 3 Poets to move on to Round 2,and it was very Hard..but we finally came to a decision and the Top 3 poets Were:1. Serenity Jigsaw
2. Shaun Jharls
3. Dolla Dinzeo

Round 2 Was a Big Intense,but very enjoyable,they all step it up,and performed pieces that had everyone standing on their feet.With Each poet being very equally liked by the judges,we had a tied with Shaun and Dolla For The Last & Final Round,so they all moved on to round 3. And Again what amazing piece each 3 of them did!..As the guest & Host waited as we tally up the scores,and announced our winners. Lady T (Tray Ferrentino) recited a very new piece of hers called “Finding Me”,and what amazing piece that was.

After all of that it was time to announce the winners..and it went as followed…

3rd Place Winner:  Dolla Dinzeo,and he won a centefrold spread in DOPE National Poetry Month Issue.

2nd Place Winner: Shaun Jharls, and he won 4 page layout & poem published in DOPE National Poetry Month Issue.

Our Grand Prize Winner of 10,000L,and Cover With 6 Page Layout & Interview in DOPE National Poetry Month Issue is Ms. Serenity Jigsaw.

Congrats To All Our Winners. Thanks To Everyone Who came and enjoyed The SLam,Thanks to All the poets who entered. Special and Huge thanks To Our Host for the Night..Mr Schmoke Seelowe. And Thanks To the SLam Judges for Doing such an amazing job & Special & Huge Thanks To All Our Sponsors:

GREEK Magazine By Kandee Aquila
Second Life Family Medical Center By Pocahannus Namiboo
Sweet Temptation & RH Styling Co. By Rita Hazelnut
DOPE Magazine By Tray Ferrentino
Thick City Strip Club By Thicks Carliona
WHAT??!! RADIO By SchMoke Seelowe & Lavene Juilesse
Mayden Couture by Mayden Ushimawa
GC Radio By Madelyn Jaxxon & Chief Inglewood
TMF RADIO: TMFR8DIO ADMIN:TwinkleToes7 Resident,Reign Duport & Javion Blaylock.

Thanks To Everyone Who tuned in from a different location…Congrats Again to Ms. Serenity Jigsaw, and See You Guys in 2013!


Divas Sisterhood & Divas Sanctuary Lounge Black History Month Celebration 2/27/12

28 Feb

What An amazing night it was,from the most talented people to hit the grid,we was blessed with so many amazing things at Divas 2nd annual Black History Month celebration!

We Started Off With Amazing Facts From Myself,i spoke facts about the late great Martin Luther King,To The Legendary Musician Louie Armstrong,To The Amazing Poet and a Favorite of Mines Maya Angelou. Our Guest and even myself learn even more about our history,and was shock at some of the things we didn’t know.

We Had Amazing Poetry By The Likes Of Ms. Brigette Christy(China Faith),she blessed us with a piece about Martin Luther King. Everyone was so moved by her piece,and touch by the words she spoke,she really gave the crowd a lesson that they learned. It taught you the ends and outs of society and how people seem to think they are like Martin Luther King,and how some people actually act. It was nice for her to stop by,and i was thankful for her wonderful piece.

After hearing amazing poetry From ms. Christy, I got on stage again to recite one of my favorite pieces named “The Essence of A Black Man”,i spoke about how black men are in our everyday society,and how each kind of person viewed them from different environments,and how they accept them. I touch a lot of people,and i can tell tons of my guest could relate to some things i was saying..and i enjoyed every minute of it.

We then heard from singers such as SoulCasanovaJones Resident,To Ms. Kherington Kaestner, To Sherri Avelino,to finally Ms. Chastity Nyn,grace the stage with amazing hits from some of the great of the music inductry. Ms. Nyn Shared a very touching tribute to the late and great Whitney Houston,who is a huge impact on black history itself. I was very happy to have all of these wonderful talents grace the stage with their wonderful voices.

We ended the celebration with myself reciting a very touch piece by the name of “black girl,black girl” which is  a letter written from a black man,to a beautiful black woman. it was so touching, i read it twice..Below is a preview of it.

Black girl, black girl, I’m sorry for all the times you fed on the scraps, from the table instead of sitting at the table by my side… as a equal for making you feel unpretty and unworthy by choosing women of another race over you…. for all the abuse physically and mentally that you have suffered and the rejection… black girl, black girl i can not undo all that you have suffered.. but i can start by apologizing for my transgression against you.. for you see my mother is a black woman so how could i not love you because.. she is you . To go against all the love she has shown me and all that she taught me is truly unforgivable…the healing can not start until the truth is finally told …and the wrongs made right, and for all of those who can not find the words or do not want to.. i will lend them a voice here and now.  black gir,l black girl even though it is not said or heard enough.. yes there are those of us who do love you and all of what you are!

Sincerly A Black Man!

(written by Tray Ferrentino 1/6/2012 @ 5pm)

2nd Annual 2012 Poetry SLam

15 Feb

Divas Sanctuary Lounge & 3rd Lounge Presents:
Calling All Poets! Come Bring Your Words,Flow,& Your Voice to showcase your talents while competing for 10,000 lindens and bragging rights as the champion.


2012 Poetry Slam Sponsorship

The committee for the 2nd annually Poetry SLam 2012 is asking for your partnership as we host the Poetry Slam. The purpose of this Poetry Slam is to allow Poets across SL to showcase their talents while competing for 10,000 lindens and bragging rights as the champion.

The committee for this event would like to make this event special and with your support this will be possible. We would appreciate your remittance of a sponsorship fee.

I – Sponsorship Fee – Due by. 2/29/2012
(Payment of 1k-5k)

II – What you will get
•    Listing as sponsor throughout the process
•    You logo in the supplement (flyer) and at the venue
•    Preferred seating at the event
•    Invitation to participate in the reception after
•    Photo opportunities and mentions when possible
•  Free Adverstisement in DOPE Magazine

-Fill Out Below Form To Become Sponsor Contact us Inworld For Sponsorship Entry Form
-For more information please contact Tray Ferrentino, Rita Hazelnut or Lyric Core

Weekly Events 1/15/-1/22/2012

15 Jan

Sunday Brunch
Lady T Spoken Word
Singing Sensation Ms. Heavenly Hollwood

Martin Luther King Triute Bash
Time: 8pmslt

Daily Open Mic
Time: 9pmslt

The Launch Of Montly Erotic Nights!
Featuring Jael Constatine
Time: 10pmslt

Weekly Events of 1/8/-1/14/2011 & Hot New Website for Divas

6 Jan

The Opening Of Our Sunday Bistro Brunch
Time: 11am
Performers: Lady T’s Read Brand New Poetry..
Singing Sensation Ms.Heavenly Hollwood

Open Mic Night

Open Mic Contest

Erotic Night
Time 10pmslt

Also We have A Hot New Website make sure you go check it out!

Divas Sanctuary Lounge One Year Anniversary Celebration

15 Dec

December 14,2010 is The Date A Year Ago Where Divas Sanctuary Lounge First Open Their Doors! What An Amazing Grand Opening It was! Now We A year Later on same date,and still standing strong!

We have had an amazing year here at Divas..With so many amazing host from..Ms. Rita Hazelnut..To Jael Constantine..Now Our Most Recent Host..Mr. Luis Wonder…I”m so proud of the staff,and will not be here without them!

The Night Started Off with Ms. Aubrey G. Christy Reciting One Of her amazing poetry,She Goes By the Name of China Faith(owner of The Lyricist Lounge). Then Singing From Some Amazing Singers of SL..All From Pickasso Artis,Smash Rage,Lovely Frimon,Heavenly Hollywood,Jazmin Penell..The List Goes On!

The Crowd Was Growing By the Min..We Had so many Guests in the house..All From Nez Owner of Barcode..Ms. Kaysha Piers Owner Of Osakki Imported Couture. Ms. Leilani Nowles..Owner of Urban Queens Clothing..Ms. Teyonce Ohare,Owner of Prima Donna Couture..DJ Roca Owner of the Foundation!..So Many to the point..Lady T Keep Crashing..and miss half the show…lol..We All Gave Out 1 year anniversary Gift Basket..Be Sure to Contact Tray Ferrentino INworld to get your basket!

Luis Wonder Did Job As Wonderful Emcee For The Night! Thanks to him for providing us with amazing entertainment!..As the event went on..it was time to reveal the winners….and after over 25 votes…The Winner Of Diva Sanctuary 1 Year Anniversary Bash Was..Ms Heavenly Hollywood!..Congrats To Her!
Thanks To Everyone who came supported Divas At Our 1 Year Anniversary..and Thanks to all the VIPS for coming!

Divas Sanctuary Lounge New Calendar

5 Sep

We have a lot in store for you guys in the next couple weeks! Each Month we going to have a calendar of events so you guys can be posted about what events we are offering!